You Have Options After a Probation Violation

Argue your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney

You might consider your probation to be a second chance. Many judges think of it that way too. This means probation violations are always taken very seriously and can come with severe consequences. Make sure you hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to help argue your case.

If you've been accused of breaking your probation agreement, you can turn to Tromp Law Offices. Attorney Tromp can help explain your situation and argue for the best possible outcome for your case.

Don't face the judge alone. Partner with a criminal defense attorney today.

Attorney Tromp accepts both kinds of violations

All probation violations can be broken down into one of two categories. With over 33 years of experience, attorney Tromp understands both situations and can help protect your rights. These situations include:

  • Direct probation violations, which are the result of being charged with an additional crime while on probation, including driving with a suspended license
  • Indirect probation violations, which can be anything, including failing to pass a drug test, report to your probation meetings, take mandatory classes or follow a curfew
You can rely on attorney Tromp to argue in your defense and negotiate a favorable outcome. Discuss your case with attorney Tromp by calling 269-948-9400 now.