Defend Yourself From Sex Crimes Accusations

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Sex crime cases are always serious. Even just being accused of a crime can change your life. Make sure you hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you navigate this difficult and sensitive time.

You can discuss your situation with a criminal defense attorney from Tromp Law Offices. With over 33 years of experience, attorney Tromp understands the ins and outs of sex crimes and can explain your options. You can rest assured that he will fight every step of the way to help you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

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Why you should hire an attorney

From indecent exposure to sexual assault, sex crimes are a particularly sensitive area of law and commonly considered some of the worst crimes. Don't risk fighting your charges by yourself. Work with attorney Tromp because he...

  • Has worked with local judges and prosecutors and can strongly advocate on your behalf
  • Will take the time to understand your unique situation and help you build a solid defense
  • Can help protect your rights and privacy from the beginning of your case to the end
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