Attorney Timothy L. Tromp works primarily in criminal defense, family law, estate planning and many other specialty areas. Attorney Tromp gives each case his full attention, not missing the small details or big picture. With Timothy Tromp, you are guaranteed personal service and the best possible outcome for your case.

While we do our best to settle most matters out of court, we're always prepared to take cases to trial if we feel it's in the client's best interests. Keep reading to learn more about our law office and why you should choose us for your legal needs.

30+ Years Experience at Our Law Firm

Our law firm is built on over 33 years of courtroom success. Attorney Tromp's experience goes beyond his excellent understanding of the law and means that he's familiar with how local judges rule on cases similar to yours and the types of arguments presented by prosecutors. Attorney Tromp uses this knowledge to your benefit so you can avoid time behind bars, lost custody, will contests, and other legal consequences.

24/7 Emergency Services

Everyone makes mistakes. We also understand that those mistakes don't always happen during regular business hours.

Fortunately, our attorney is available 24/7 for emergency legal services. For example, our attorney can meet you at the police station if you were arrested for DUI in the middle of the night if need be. Our Hastings attorney is dedicated to helping our clients navigate legal troubles.

Our attorney works hard to make sure you have the best defense and legal strategy. To request your consultation with our Hastings lawyer, call the Tromp Law Offices at (269) 948-9400 anytime, day or night.